Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Stories Today - NHS paying locum doctors £1,760 a day to cover chronic staff shortages

Hte news Stories today from the guardian - Senior A&E specialists are profiting from chronic NHS staff shortages by working as locum doctors and charging hospitals £1,760 a day for their services, according to a parliamentary inquiry.
The NHS in England’s bill for agency staff has risen to £2.6bn a year because of hospital trusts’ difficulty in recruiting and retaining enough doctors and nurses, the public accounts committee also discloses.

Top Stories - Israel welcomes resignation of head of U.N. inquiry into Gaza war crimes

Cnn Hot news Today Jerusalem - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu welcomed the resignation Tuesday of the head of a U.N. inquiry into alleged war crimes during last summer's conflict between Israel and Hamas militants in Gaza.

Netanyahu said that Prof. William Schabas "was biased against Israel" and that the commission of inquiry's as yet unpublished report was written at the behest of the U.N. Human Rights Council, which the Prime Minister described as "an anti-Israel body."

Monday, February 2, 2015

Top Story CNN - China executes 2 members of banned doomsday group

Watch up Guys.. This is the top story from CNN About China executes 2 members of banned doomsday group,. (CNN)Two members of a banned Chinese doomsday cult have been put to death for the murder of a woman in a McDonald's restaurant in May 2014, Chinese state media reported.

Zhang Fan and Zhang Lidong were executed Monday after their death sentences were approved by the Supreme People's Court, the Xinhua news agency.

Katy Perry Super Bowl half time show review – epic, lung-busting kitsch

Watch Up Guys, the headline from Guardian - As anyone who saw Madonna carried into the arena by a platoon of Roman centurions three years ago will have realised, the halftime show at the Super Bowl is no place for understatement. Yet Katy Perry’s grand entrance redefines the term kitsch. She emerges standing on the back of a giant puppet tiger which advances across the stadium, red eyes flashing, while Perry shakes its enormous golden reins while belting out Roar, clad in a Jeremy Scott outfit constructed of tongues of vinyl flame. It’s The Hunger Games as reimagined by the producers of Strictly Come Dancing.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

ISIS: Japanese hostage Kenji Goto beheaded

CNN And The Guardian Have Same Headline news About ISIS : A newly distributed ISIS release appears to show the decapitated body of captive Japanese journalist Kenji Goto, after an English-language lecture is given by masked ISIS member "Jihadi John" to the people of Japan.

The video, 67 seconds long, was released Saturday as others before it, by ISIS media wing Al Furqan Media, and cannot be authenticated by CNN.